I'm a bad motherfucker, not a fucking role model.
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Guess who’s seeing Tyler, The Creator on Friday?

This bitch.

Shit’s gonna be crazy. I’m so excited.

So I haven’t been on tumblr in months.

Haven’t really posted on here in a while. But, I’ll get to the key points in whats up:


  1. I got accepted into college :)
  2. I have been trying to cut back on cig smoking, was at a pack a day, now i’m at 1/2 a pack. :)


  1. Anxiety is super high lately.

Confusing Shit:

  1. Last month, I started dating this guy named Sean, literally like a couple days later we broke up, and it was horrible, because we both really dig each other. And we’re so alike, it’s crazy. So we stopped talking, and then the day before valentines day (which we had planned to go to a show together on vday) he starts talking to me again. Saying how perfect I am, and if I’m willing to give him another shot, it would be awesome. But, here’s the fuckking catch. He’s so busy that he “wont be able to really spend time with me/see me much” until June or July. Like, I understand he is busy. And this is why we broke up. But I would gladly stay with him if he’d put in effort to see me, not just me putting in effort. A relationship with only one person putting in effort isn’t much of a relationship at all. It sucks, because I would love to be with him again. Just to see his cute smile and lay in bed with him. Gah, just to wake up next to him and have his arms wrapped around me. That would be absolutely perfect. But, I don’t know what  to do. i don’t think I should get back together with him anytime soon. Until he proves to me that he is going to take the relationship serious. Or I think I need to just move on.
  2. Why in the hell do guys have to be so difficult? Can’t someone just come along, like corny jokes, be a tad bit silly, listen to awesome music, have tattoos/piercings, smoke bud, just be rad. Hahahaha. FUCK NO. Not in my case. 


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